NLE Choppa Says That Votes 'Don't Even Count' As 2020 Election Comes To An End

NLE Choppa Says That Votes 'Don't Even Count' As 2020 Election Comes To An End
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Fans of NLE Choppa know the rapper has recently turned a new leaf. The performing artist has gone from spitting bars about guns, drugs, and violence, to yoga and vegetables, Hot New Hip Hop reported today. Over the past year, the 18-year-old star has changed his approach to life and has been adamant about it.

For instance, it's been reported that NLE Choppa has started growing vegetables in his backyard and he'll no longer rap about shooting and murdering people. Jack Harlow recently joked that Choppa has become NLE Chakra, in reference to the fact that he has opened his third eye.

Regarding the 2020 election which is still ongoing as key swing states count votes, NLE Choppa claimed that the votes didn't matter because the elections have already been decided years in advance.

NLE Choppa recently claimed that if Biden won the presidency, Trump wouldn't leave the office no matter what. He said people should stop worrying about the "debate," and instead focus on the birth of a new world.

The rapper went on to say that "DNA is being unlocked," and people are finally opening their eyes. According to Hot New Hip Hop, NLE Choppa also suggested that presidents have already been picked 40+ years ahead of time.

He claimed, "f*ck both them reptiles, they work as one," before going on to urge his fans to focus on themselves and their own lives, rather than the outcome of the election. NLE Choppa has been in the headlines for similar reasons over the last few weeks.

For instance, when Travis Scott and McDonald's collaboration was announced, Choppa took to his social media to tell his fans to stop eating processed foods and opt for a healthy diet instead. He claimed bad food was poisoning people's minds.


Of course, this came around the same time as Alexis Skyy's comments on the Travis Scott hamburger, in which she claimed she had to throw up after eating the meal. The Love and Hip Hop star also posted an image of her receipt.

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