Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Drop Half A Million Dollars To Fight Australian Wildfires

Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Drop Half A Million Dollars To Fight Australian Wildfires
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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban just dropped $500,000 to help fight the wildfires raging through Australia, claims a new report from Refinery 29.

Kidman addressed the wildfires in her Instagram Stories this past Saturday, stating that her financial contribution was to help fight the fire tearing through her native Australia. On his respective Instagram page, Keith Urban also addressed the devastation.

Kidman said in her IG post that there has been a lot of people affected by the wildfires. For that reason, her support and that of her family are with the victims of the nation. While at a Golden Globes event earlier in the day, the actress reportedly appeared upset while speaking with People.

Kidman described herself as "so distracted" by what was going on in Australia. A spokesperson for the ex-wife of Tom Cruise also added that Kidman and Urban's house in the area was also under siege, but it hasn't been destroyed yet.

Both parties, Urban and Kidman, donated a large sum of money to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, a government agency that helps track bushfires throughout the region. Reportedly, the fire service is the largest volunteering organization, in that field, in the world.

Earlier this week, the singer-songwriter, Pink, also revealed she was dropping a half-a-million dollars toward the Australian fire services. Since the fires first started back in September of last year, there have been a reported 24 people dead, claims a report from NBC.

Thus far, the fires have scoured through 12 million acres of land, spanning three different states in Australia, including South Australia, Victoria, and New South Wales. The fires wrecked 2,000 homes approximately.

Ecologists estimate the blazes killed around 500 million mammals, reptiles, and birds, just in New South Wales. According to USA Today, animals such as koalas are also under siege, to the point where they might end up on the endangered species list. The wildfires ripped through the Lake Innes Nature Reserve, which is the home to approximately 600 koalas.

Sue Ashton, the president of Koala Conservation Australia, claims her group is "very, very concerned," about the future of the species.

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