Nicki Minaj ‘Loving Every Minute’ Of Being A New Mom - Details!

Nicki Minaj ‘Loving Every Minute’ Of Being A New Mom - Details!
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Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty can’t be any happier about being new parents and are doing a great job a well! That being said, one insider report claims to know that the female emcee has adjusted to motherhood ‘amazingly well,’ even though this is her first time taking on this role.

Furthermore, the rapper is really hands-on and she is yet to hire a nanny to help out for one very particular reason!

Nicki gave birth to their son either in September or October and have been enjoying the baby bliss ever since.

Not only that but, the source shared with HollywoodLife that the birth of their son has brought Nicki and Kenneth even closer together.

‘Nicki and Kenneth are a team and they’re learning all about the highs and challenges of parenthood as the days go by. They really are great parents. They love being in the thick of it all and Nicki's taking things amazingly well. Nicki knows she is very blessed and the more time that she can spend with her little one, the better. Nicki becoming a mom's been the thing she needed in her life. She's loving every minute of it.’

Naturally, because of all the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the star hasn’t been able to travel so her career is on pause, which is even better for her since she gets to spend so much more time with her baby boy.

Another insider mentioned that Nicki was not too keen on hiring a nanny and bringing a stranger around her bundle of joy.


‘Nicki's an extremely private person, her inner circle is really small, and so the idea of having a new person suddenly in her home is too much. She is also very protective of her son and she is not ready to hand him over to someone else. Right now, she is in her new mom bubble, she has Ken by her side and that is all she needs. He is a very doting father too. He’s fully involved and doing everything he can to help her out.’

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