Nick Cannon Gives Graduation Speech At Howard University

Nick Cannon Gives Graduation Speech At Howard University
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Nick Cannon can now add Howard University graduate to his list of accomplishments, BET reported today. Following the completion of his final week of classes, Nick announced that he was very excited to graduate from HBCU.

Nick took to his Twitter account to write that he received a degree in Criminology/Administration of Justice and a minor in Africana studies.

The star said he had the chance to speak at the ceremony. During the live-streamed celebration, Nick shared a quote from Nelson Mandela, whom he claims inspired him to enrol in the school.

The quote from Mandela said that "education is the most powerful weapon" one can wield to change the world. Earlier this year, Nick Cannon was in the news media for other reasons.

The television talk show host was beefing with Eminem not long after his feud with Machine Gun Kelly which started with the song, "Rap Devil," in reference to Eminem's "Rap God."

As it was previously reported, after Eminem mentioned Nick's name in passing on one of his new albums, Nick dropped his own diss-track on the rapper called "The Invitation," although, Marshall Mathers never released an official song.

Eminem did, however, respond with a derisive tweet in which he mocked Nick's "boogie-ness." In one part of Nick's diss-track, the rapper claimed that Eminem had a homosexual relationship with his chauffeur, to which Em joked that he didn't even have a chauffeur.

Not long after, Mathers released another tweet in which he joked that Nick better stop because he was going to make his gardener jealous. Later, Nick addressed the feud and framed it as if Eminem was too scared to respond.

Social media was far less forgiving. YouTube commenters took Nick Cannon to task for the song, with the likes versus dislikes ratio being vastly negative for the entertainer. During the same interview, Nick Cannon also insinuated that Eminem stole culture from African-Americans because he didn't "have one of his own."

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