Nene Leakes Respnds To Kenya Moore Saying She's 'Dead To Her' In Interview: 'She's Never Been Alive To Me'

Nene Leakes Respnds To Kenya Moore Saying She's 'Dead To Her' In Interview: 'She's Never Been Alive To Me'
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Nene Leakes has finally made her return to Real Housewives of Atlanta. She recently interviewed with Extra where she addressed her late arrival and responded to Kenya Moore's shade.

While recently speaking about her feud with Nene, Kenya said that the Broadway star was dead to her because she tried to spit on her.

Jenn Lahmers brought up the comment during her chat with Nene who had a simple response: 'She's never been alive to me, so it’s fine.'

Kenya also preciously added fuel to the rumor that Leakes was suspended for putting her hands on a cameraman.

Although she admits that she did rip the crew member's shirt, she denies that that played any part in her decision to start taping later than her co-stars.

'Well, there was no real reason other than we were negotiating. So many people have speculated and said so many things. I even heard some of my fellow Housewives… ‘Oh, she was suspended.' I’m like, ‘Was I? Please call Andy Cohen. Okay, because people get things misconstrued, I grabbed the camera guy’s shirt. He didn’t have a problem with it — I don’t know why anyone else does. I’ve been into a lot of things on this show and if I was going to get suspended, it sure wouldn’t have been for pulling that shirt… There have been physical altercations on our show and they weren’t suspended.'


Nene also went on to say that fans will be seeing a different side to her this season compared to any other installment of RHOA. Her husband, Gregg Leakes, was diagnosed with and beat cancer.

The sickness really changed the dynamic of their relationship and it will be something that will be explored throughout the season.

'Listen, I have learned patience in a whole new way… A lot of things that people say doesn’t really bother me… The girls are saying certain things or they didn’t like what I said... I’m gonna say whatever I want to say 'cause they say whatever they want to say.'

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8 p.m.

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