Nene Leakes Is Not Upset With Yovanna Momplaisir After She Throws Her Under The Bus

Nene Leakes Is Not Upset With Yovanna Momplaisir After She Throws Her Under The Bus
Credit: Source: Youtube

Yovanna Momplaisir was chased out of Marlo Hampton's Toronto hotel room on the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. After the installment aired, she visited Sister Circle where she was questioned by the hosts.

#Snakegate started when Yovanna told Nene Leakes that someone had 'receipts' of Cynthia Bailey trashing her former friend. That then started a rumor that someone recorded Cynthia which the ladies thought was a sneaky act and decided to out Yovanna on the trip.

While visiting Sister Circle, Momplaisir denied that she told her only friend on the show that there was a recording.

'I’m here to set the record straight. I have never said that there was an audio or recording. I have never recorded anyone, that is not my character, that is not who I am. Just because I said I had receipts, that did not mean that that was the definition of an audio or a recording. That is a rumor that was started and it spread like wildfire.'

Nene recently shared a Youtube video where she addressed the CAU alum's talk show appearance. She explained that she is not upset with Yovanna.

'Most of these girls know that it's not me to make up something like that. I didn't make it up maybe I used the wrong language. So if I used the wrong language or the wrong word. Nothing was made up over here on my end but I had a conversation with her and I know she doesn't do television. I know she doesn't do interviews and I know doing an interview with people some time can be challenging I think she felt like she was being questioned very hard and she was somewhat irritated and she said what she said.'

What do you think about Nene's calm reaction to Yovanna's words"


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