NeNe Leakes Has A Few Words For Her Fans While Out And About With Her Girlfriends

NeNe Leakes Has A Few Words For Her Fans While Out And About With Her Girlfriends
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NeNe Leakes got together with her pals and shared s video on her social media account.  Check out the ladies while out and eating.

Someone said: 'Imagine being at work and Nene comes in. 🤣 I would ask to work that table in a heartbeat,' and another follower posted this message: 'Yes this is so true I was once fired from a job because the boss was upset I was black and happy all the time.'

A commenter wrote: 'Nene ask for a glass of hot water, put salt & then put the Utensils in the glass. That sterilizes the utensils since they won’t bring you your plasticware.'

A follower said: 'Until we dismantle people like George Soros Rostchild Rockefeller we can't stop racism toward Black people,' and on other commenters posted this message: 'Hey Nene gurl, keep on pushing, not an easy task keeping us entertained. Will never judge u. We love u all.'

A follower stated: 'Be a part of the movement in solidarity with #blacklivesmatter and take a stand against Police Brutality and racial inequality in our justice system, come show your support. Let's show up STRONG in support and Solidarity for what is right! MY NIECE (3years old at the time) GREW UP WITHOUT HER FATHER BECAUSE TWO OFFICERS LOADED 22bullets close range in his body. Beat him with batons and flashlight...peppered sprayed and tased. They searched his dead body, rolled his body over and handcuff him (they thought they seen him move) he arrive at the corners in handcuffs .... After 19 years we are crying out for justice.'

An Instagrammer said: 'Better safe than sorry... patio is a great idea! Enjoy!'

In other news, NeNe wanted to share a few words with her fans and followers on social media so she wrote the message that you can see below.

She managed to spark a debate among followers in the comments.

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