Nene Leakes Exposed For Leaking Note To Cynthia Bailey By B. Scott

Nene Leakes Exposed For Leaking Note To Cynthia Bailey By B. Scott
Credit: Source: Bravo

It seems that Cynthia Bailey and Nene Leakes' friendship is on the mend on screen. The drama of the episodes airing is still a problem off-screen.

When the supermodel opened her wine cellar, Nene didn't attend due to the status of their relationship. However, after the back and forth they went through in the media -- Leakes offered an olive branch.

She wrote her former BFF a note via Marlo Hampton that made its way to the blogs.

The note read: 'Never in my wildest dreams did i ever imagine that we would be in this place. I’ve always been a supportive friend towards you and this time won’t be any different. I’m proud of you and cheering for you from afar! I hope you continue to have the courage to run after your dreams! Congratulations on the opening of your new business. I’m sure it will be a success.'

While the two repairing their friendship is a great thing, the fact that there is a snake among the group had the ladies on edge about infiltration in the group.

When asked if she leaked the note to the blogs, Nene said that she never talks to bloggers.

Well, the owner of the website who published the now infamous note begs to differ.

B. Scott recently exposed Nene on a podcast after watching the episode.

The blogger stated: '[Nene] got on television and lied right through her dentures. I’ma get to it right now. Kenya did not leak the note. Cynthia did not leak the note. Porsha did not leak the note. Kandi did not leak the note. Eva did not leak the note. You know who leaked the note? Someone from Nene’s team. And if they want to press me even more, I will publish those receipts. Don’t play with me.'

Scott went on to say that they go way back.

'I knew Nene when she had her first pair of teeth and her first face.'

What do you think about this situation?


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