Nene Leakes Buys A House For Her Troubled Son And His Baby's Mother Have A Lot To Say About It

Nene Leakes Buys A House For Her Troubled Son And His Baby's Mother Have A Lot To Say About It
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Nene Leakes is said to have a strained relationship with her son Bryson Bryant. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star recently bought him a house for his 30th birthday but his baby's mother has a lot to say about the sweet gesture.

Brent Leakes posted videos to his Instagram Story that his brother was in for an amazing surprise because their mom bought him a gorgeous home. Bryson had a huge smile on his face in one of the clips posted.

Bryson made headlines this year after being exposed by his ex-girlfriend and baby's mother who claims that he doesn't take care of his son.

Symone Davis took to Instagram to say that the RHOA star didn't buy the house to be a good mother but instead to repair her image.

She went on to say that she 'doesn't give a f*** about her son' and that Bryson is still on drugs. Symone also believes that Nene will pay the deadbeat dad's utilities too.

This comes after she revealed that her baby daddy refuses to take care of his 2-year-old son .

She previously said in an Instagram rant that read, in part: 'Then I get messages from all type of b****** saying they seen him doing cocaine & in motels. So I say nvm to doing anything with him. Now here we are another year & Blaze bday comes. He told everyone he was coming to Blaze party…did he show, NOPE! Did he call to tell Bk Happy Birthday, NOPE! But days later calls me asking when am I ovulating so we have another child. The mf ain’t bought a sock, diaper, pull up, bottle, happy meal, nothing for Blaze. Yet is always asking me for money or to order him a pizza bc he’s hungry.'

A source tells All About the Tea that Bryant has turned his life around. He allegedly is off drugs and has a job.

This may be Nene's way of rewarding him for his total 180.

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