Nathan Griffith Calls Kailyn Lowry Out For Supporting Jenelle Evans' Ex-Husband

Nathan Griffith Calls Kailyn Lowry Out For Supporting Jenelle Evans' Ex-Husband
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Are Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans really over their feud? After supposedly burying the hatchet, Kailyn seemed to start some drama with her former Teen Mom co-star and Nathan Griffith definitely noticed!

It all started with Lowry tweeting something in support of Evans’ former husband Courtland Rogers and now, her other ex, Nathan Griffith, thinks she may not be as determined to keep the peace going as she seemed initially.

In other words, Nathan is doubtful that Jenelle and Kailyn’s beef is over for good.

The tweet Courtland posted that Kailyn showed support to was him telling social media there was a possibility he would be filing for divorce from his current wife.

‘Before you do this, think about why. Then ask yourself if it cannot be worked through… don’t give up because it’s ‘easier’ to move on to the ‘next best thing’… you will eventually struggle in your next relationship so cherish what you have now Courtland! Love is a commitment,’ Jenelle wrote in response.

Courtland appreciated her advice and kindness a lot, thanking her and calling Jenelle ‘awesome' in another tweet.

It may seem all like a wholesome internet interaction but Nathan did not see it in that way.

Instead, he did not appreciate it at all, calling the Teen Mom star out for getting involved: ‘Kail really?! Why get involved with an ex that obviously gets under @PBandJenelley_1 skin? You don’t want the drama but then you egg on the drama. I know Jenelle has done some s***ty things but do you honestly have to keep it going? Not trying to be a d**k just speaking the truth.’

Soon after that, Kailyn defended herself, insisting that her interaction with Courtland had nothing to do with Jenelle.


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