Naomi Campbell Kicks Off Her Show With Cindy Crawford — No Filter With Naomi

Naomi Campbell Kicks Off Her Show With Cindy Crawford — No Filter With Naomi
Credit: Source: Naomi Campbell/YouTube

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has launched her own YouTube series No Filter with Naomi , and the show has taken off. In the inaugural episode, Naomi talked to Cindy Crawford and the two reminisced about the modeling business and how it has changed over the past three decades. No topic was off the table and the conversation took a natural turn. Many subjects were covered, including both models fond memories of Princess Diana, according to a report by Ashley Mitchell.

The nearly hour-long video includes a live chat session (you need to watch the video on the official YouTube site in order to see the live chat replay) where viewers were able to talk to one another and send messages and questions to Naomi and Cindy. Naomi is revered as one of the first black supermodels worldwide and Cindy Crawford, now the mother of model Kaia Gerber lends her wisdom and unique perspective to how the modeling industry has changed.

When Cindy first hit the modeling scene she was dubbed "Baby Gia" due to her resemblance to the model Gia Carangi, who sadly passed away from AIDS. Angelina Jolie won an Emmy portraying Gia Carangi in the eponymous HBO movie Gia .

Naomi and Cindy have been friends for 35 years and they discussed what it was like on photoshoots in the nineties, how it's changed, and the conversation is an incredible dialogue for those who are fans of the fashion industry.

You may hear and watch Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell as they discuss their experiences as supermodels in the video player below.

Cindy and Naomi spoke about the way fashion has changed, including the shift to digital photos. Cindy spoke about the caterers they used to have on photoshoots and Naomi discussed the fashion designers they worked with who would let them keep the clothes.

Naomi asked Cindy if she kept any of the clothes from her shoots. Cindy stated she was wearing a pair of jeans when they did the iconic Pepsi commercial. She said instead of trying to find a pair of cut off that would fit her perfectly, they just chopped off the legs on her own pants!

She also donated the red Versace dress she wore to the Oscars to charity.

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