Moby Releases Live, Ambient Improvised Recordings On Christmas Eve — Watch The Videos

Moby Releases Live, Ambient Improvised Recordings On Christmas Eve — Watch The Videos
Credit: Source: Moby/YouTube

Singer, activist, and restaurant owner Moby has released three videos featuring tracks from his Live Ambient Recordings album. Though many know Moby as a DJ and EDM music pioneer, he has his musical beginnings in classical piano, and the multi-hyphenate shows off his musical giftings in the ambient, improvised recordings.

The spontaneous tracks show Moby's skill and innate musical giftings that can't be learned but are felt from deep within. He began the recordings at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown and the videos feature glimpses of Moby playing at the piano combined with nature scenes from his home.

Moby stated the following when he shared the video's description.

‘live ambient 1’ is taken from ‘live ambient improvised recordings vol. 1’, out now on mobyambient. Stream the full album: These recordings were made at home during the first few months of the pandemic. I only gave myself three rules/guidelines when creating these pieces; 1. they had to be strictly improvised. nothing was written or rehearsed beforehand, everything was recorded as it was being played for the first time. 2. i wasn’t allowed to go back and change or edit any of the improvised performances. 3. every part of the process, from recording to mixing to listening, had to be calming. The music and videos are as undemanding as the listener/viewer wants them to be. I presumptuously hope that if someone pays attention to the music/videos they’ll get something out of them, and I also hope that if someone just has the

The videos are split into three segments, each runs about ten minutes long. They can easily be put into a playlist and played on your smartphone or smart TV when you need to relax, meditate, or simply need to chill out.

Here is the second video.

Fans are thrilled that Moby released the music and did so for the holidays.

What do you think about Moby's new music? Do you like the ambient, improvised recordings?


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