Missy Elliott Praises Janet Jackson For The Emotional Message That She Sent Her

Missy Elliott Praises Janet Jackson For The Emotional Message That She Sent Her
Credit: BET

Missy Elliott praises Janet Jackson after the music icon shared a heartfelt video dedicated to her. Check out the video and Missy's message below.

'@janetjackson I boo hooed crying watching this video because you are such a dear friend to me🤗 you are there for me whenever I call❤️when I got your text say you SHUT SHIT DOWN at the VMAs that meant so much to me because I used to sit in front of my tv learning all of your dance moves you have done a lot for the culture And we know that your catalogue of music is TIMELESS and GREAT, but you heart is even GREATER! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH JJ WITH EVERY INCH OF ME🤗❤️ , yes and Janet NICKNAMED me JACK🤣😂🤣' Missy captioned her post.

Fans were also happy for her, and they made sure to show this in the comments.

Someone said: 'Awww two icons/legends truly loving and supporting each other. Take lesson this generation, you can still support each other AND be at the top of your game at the same time! 👏🏽👏🏽'

One follower posted: 'I need Janet to read a book of positive affirmations. I’ll buy the audio 😩'

A person said: 'When she speaks, my soul feels every word! I love me some Janet. You’re AMAZING Missy!! I wish I didn’t have to work to see this amazing performance !! 💙💙'

One follower wrote: 'Hands down best MTV VMAs moment for the past 15yrs !!! YOU KILLED IT 🔥🔥🔥'

Someone else shared: 'Long overdue Missy! Thanks for putting emphasis on MICHAEL JACKSON Vanguard award. Virginia and in particular 757 is proud of you!'

Congratulations, Missy Elliott!

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