Miranda Lambert Reveals What Life Has Really Been Like With New Husband Brandon McLoughlin During Quarantine

Miranda Lambert Reveals What Life Has Really Been Like With New Husband Brandon McLoughlin During Quarantine
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Country music superstar Miranda Lambert says that being in quarantine with her husband, Brendan McLoughlin , for the past four months has been a “good test” for their young marriage. Lambert opened up recently with New York’s Country 94.7 about what life has been like at home during the pandemic, and she admits that one of the most difficult things has been not knowing when she can get back on the road and tour again.

The singer told radio host Kelly Ford this week that “if newlyweds can survive a pandemic,” then she thinks that she and McLoughlin are “good.”

“It’s a good test. The first month I had a lot of fun. Well, not fun but I was like, ‘OK, we’re off. We’ll probably be back on the road in a couple of months,’” explained Lambert.

Lambert was in the middle of her Wildcard tour when everything started to shut down due to COVID-19. And, when it became apparent that her break would be longer than she expected, she admits that she did get carried away with eating.

“I cooked too much and ate way too much, and then I had to roll that back a little bit,” explained the Grammy winner. “There’s stuff to do, it’s just the adjusting of not knowing when I’m going to work again. It’s uneasy.”

Another challenge for Lambert during the pandemic has been the transition from performing live on stage in front of an audience to performing via video chat. She says the pandemic has made it clear that she “absolutely hates” singing into a screen because she started her career 18 years ago for that feeling she gets in front of a crowd.

While Lambert and McLoughlin have mostly quarantined at her farm in Tennessee, the couple has enjoyed some time on the road this summer after purchasing a new Airstream Globetrotter trailer in May. The couple gave fans a road trip update at the time and shared that McLoughlin - who Lambert refers to as “The Sheriff” - enjoyed his first road trip that covered 1,000 miles and four states.

Lambert also released a new single titled Dark Bars , and in the video she paid tribute to the music venues that have been forced to close amid the coronavirus pandemic. She says that she is glad that single came out when it did because it is a “song of hope.”

"It has kind of a dark feel but still hopeful which is kind of how we all feel right now. Also, I haven't had a top five [hit] in six years, so it's nice to kind of have a little punch in there. It feels good,” said Lambert.


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