Mindy Kaling Hilariously Mocks Stephen Colbert After His Apple Watch Cuts Her Off In New Late Show Video

Mindy Kaling Hilariously Mocks Stephen Colbert After His Apple Watch Cuts Her Off In New Late Show Video
Credit: YouTube

Stephen Colbert got more than he bargained for when actress Mindy Kaling stopped by The Late Show to chat about her new film.

The actress did not hold back when Colbert had an embarrassing moment during their interview. He apparently did not turn off his Apple Watch, and he got an alert from Marriott Hotels while Kaling was promoting her movie, Late Night .

She was in the middle of discussing what it was like to work with the super talented Emma Thompson when the Apple Watch began buzzing. Although Colbert did his best to attempt to silence the notification, the damage was already done.

Colbert admitted he forgot to put the device to sleep and it was going off mid-Kaling speaking. However, his admission of guilt was not enough to suffice the mother of one.

"Your rewards program from Marriott interrupted my touching story about Emma Thompson," she said, kicking off her mocking of the talk show host.

Even though Colbert buried his head in shame, The Office alum did not stop roasting him.

"Hold on a second. You're rich. Why do you need a rewards program?" she inquired.

"This is how you get rich. You go for the rewards. I also steal rolls from Au Bon Pain," he shot back without missing a beat in their hilarious interaction.

Kaling couldn't pass up the opportunity to continue to mock Colbert. She found it incredibly hysterical that the man with the number one late night show, used rewards. The actress mocked how he and his family stay free everywhere, but yet he still earns points. His answer was simple; the rewards were for potential upgrades.

Although Stephen Colbert tried desperately to stop the mocking, Mindy Kaling wasn't going to let him off the hook for trying to cover up the alert. He apologized but the funny lady kept on coming with the jokes.

"You know when this ends he's going to be, like, scrambling, like, 'I hope I still got that reward. I hope I didn't delete that,'" the actress declared to the audience, cracking herself up.

Colbert took all the roasting and mocking in good fun. Kaling was on a roll blasting jokes at him, proving once again why she is one of the funniest women in Hollywood. Thankfully the talk show host is used to going with the flow, as well as letting the show go on at his expense.


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