Carrie Underwood Shares Adorable Selfie With Her Mom

Carrie Underwood Shares Adorable Selfie With Her Mom
Credit: Source: Carrie Underwood/Instagram

Carrie Underwood is going viral after sharing an adorable selfie with her mom on Saturday. Posted to her Instagram account and shared with her more than 8 million followers, the photo received tons of likes, comments, and was a hit with her fans. While many fans responded to how adorable the duo looked, others couldn't get past the fact that Carrie had given birth to her second son, Jacob Bryan Fisher. She and husband Mike Fisher have a four-year-old son, Isaiah Michael Fisher.

Since Jacob's birth, Carrie has shared numerous photos with her fan and people are just astounded at how quickly she bounced back into shape and to her pre-pregnancy weight.

Carrie looked comfy and casual in the photo with her mother. She wore her long, blonde hair up in a bun and she had natural makeup with perfectly arched brows. Carrie wore a floral print, blue tank top with black shorts. Carrie's mother, Carole Underwood, beamed with happiness, as she and Carrie leaned in for the pic. Carole wore a red blouse with white flowers and paired them with white capri pants.

Carrie was wearing more clothes from her line CALIA by Carrie. She captioned the photo with the following.

"So happy to have Mama Underwood here for CMA Fest week! #MomsAreAwesome #CMAFest #StayThePath @CALIAbyCarrie."

You may see the photo below.

While Carrie Underwood is a natural beauty who clearly inherited great genes from her mother, she is also committed to living a healthy lifestyle and exercises regularly. Carried discussed this in several of her photos that were taken since baby Jacob was born. Carrie is currently on tour and it's important that she stays in top form while she juggles motherhood and performing.

One fan shared the following comment under Carrie's photo.

"Sweet! So glad you get to spend a little time with your mama! 💗 This is such a cute pic! You both look great!"

Not only are Carrie's fans thrilled about how vivacious and healthy she appears, but they are also leaving positive feedback regarding her CALIA clothing line.

What do you think about Carrie Underwood's selfie with her mom?

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