Miley Cyrus Talks Religion - Tells Hailey Baldwin Why She Left Her Church!

Miley Cyrus Talks Religion - Tells Hailey Baldwin Why She Left Her Church!
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While in self-quarantine, Hailey Baldwin and Miley Cyrus had a chat on Instagram Live and the latter opened up to her pal about the reason why she chose to leave her church. After all, it is a well known fact that faith is really important to the model and her husband, Justin Bieber, so it makes sense the topic would come up.

Miley has been keeping busy while isolated at home by hosting her own IG Live talk show known as Bright Minded: Live with Miley.

The topics varied, discussing everything from makeup tips to religion.

Miley told her pal that ‘I had a hard time finding a relationship with God that worked for me as an adult. I think … I am allowed to decide what my relationship is with spirituality as an adult that does not have to be aligned with the way it was when I was brought up,’ Miley shared.

She went on to also explain that the reason why she decided to stop attending church was the way it treated her LGBTQ peers.

The singer and actress dished that ‘I had some gay friends in school. That's the reason I left my church is that they were not being accepted. They were being sent to conversion therapy.’

Not only that but she herself had trouble finding herself as far as her sexuality is concerned.

Eventually, the pop star came out as pansexual but for the majority of her life, Miley previously shared with Variety that ‘I didn’t understand my own gender and sexuality.’

In the Live broadcast, she went on to explain to Hailey that ‘I think now you telling me that I am allowed to redesign my relationship with God as an adult and to make it how it feels most accepting to me would make me feel much less turned off by spirituality.’

Check out Hailey’s opinion on this as well!


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