Miley Cyrus Set To Keep The 15 Pets She Shared With Liam Hemsworth After Divorce

Miley Cyrus Set To Keep The 15 Pets She Shared With Liam Hemsworth After Divorce
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Now that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are no longer a married couple, what will happen to their 15 pets? As fans know, the two stars are big animal lovers so they filled their home with many fur babies, including horses, dogs and other pets.

But while they share them all, it turns out that after their divorce, they will continue to stay with Miley.

While the exes don’t have any kids to worry about when it comes to custody problems after the divorce, the pets are still very important to them so their fate needs careful considering.

Liam and Miley share no less than 7 dogs, 2 horses and other 2 mini horses, 3 cats and even 1 pig.

TMZ reports that they will remain in Miley’s custody but if Liam wanted to have them instead, it sounds like he can totally fight for them in court.

After all, in California, there is a new law that lets judges decide which party is the more suited one to care for the animals.

But the news outlet stressed that there is no doubt Miley will continue to be their primary caretaker and Liam has no intention of contesting it.

The reason is that it was she who adopted most of them in the first place.

The actor did, however, save the pets when they lost their house during the wildfires in Malibu.

At the time, Miley was out of town and she later raved over Liam for heroically saving the animals from the flames that burned down everything else.

While chatting with Howard Stern back in December, she said: ‘I’ve never loved him more for this. He was incredible. He got all of the animals out in his truck. He put 2 pigs in crates, which I will tell you is so hard.’

Apparently, one of the cats attempted to run away but Liam caught it.

‘He’s really, really good. He got a lot of action for saving those animals. We had to make sure that he knew I was very, very grateful,’ Miley went on.

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