Miley Cyrus’ Family Members ‘Really Like’ Her Boyfriend Cody Simpson, Source Says

Miley Cyrus’ Family Members ‘Really Like’ Her Boyfriend Cody Simpson, Source Says
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After being friends with Miley Cyrus for so long before they actually started dating, it’s safe to say that Cody Simpson is pretty much part of her family already! That being said, the singer and actress’ relatives did not have anything against their relationship as they really like Cody!

Not to mention that he just spent Thanksgiving with the whole fam and they all had such a great time on the holiday that they have embraced Cody even more!

One source dished via HollywoodLife that ‘Miley’s family has totally embraced him as one of their own and they say he fits right in.  They really like him, and like having him around because he makes Miley so happy.’

The two were first linked romantically back in October and it looks like they are still going strong.

And since a second source told the news outlet that ‘having him in her life is nothing but positive right now,’ it makes sense that Miley’s family members like Cody so much.

After all, they want nothing less for her than to be happy and loved.

And since Cody is well acquainted with his girlfriend’s family at this point, she is getting ready to also properly meet his!

Apparently, his mother, Angie Simpson, is set to fly from Australia to the U.S. later this month!

‘Cody and Miley will be spending time with her in LA and Tennessee [so Angie] can get to know Miley more. It’s not the first time Miley is meeting her but it’s the first time in this context, so it’s kind of a big deal,’ the source claimed.

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