Meghan McCain Pays Tribute To Dad John McCain On Anniversary Of His Death

Meghan McCain Pays Tribute To Dad John McCain On Anniversary Of His Death
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Meghan McCain is paying tribute to her dad John McCain a day before the first anniversary of his death. The View co-host used social media to honor her late father, who passed away from stage four brain cancer last year at age 81.

"Last year tomorrow, August 25th was the worst day of my life. I lost my hero. I miss my father every single day. I will, for the rest of my life. Grief is omnipresent and relentless. For every single person who has sent prayers, love & support to my family, we are truly grateful," wrote the 34-year-old, alongside a picture of her holding her father's hand.

Meghan has often talked about her love for the Arizona Senator in the year since he passed away. It has been a rough year for the talk show host. Along with grieving the loss of her hero, she also suffered a miscarriage a few weeks ago.

Today was all about the man she loved oh so dearly though. Shortly after her tribute to her dad, Meghan shared a message letting her followers know she would be taking a social media break as she continued to mourn.

"On this anniversary until his birthday after the 29th I am going to take a break from social media. The memory of my father's life continues to guide me today, as it always will. Remember to cherish your loved ones. I still can't believe my heart didn't stop when yours did, Dad," she said.

Meghan continues to carry on Senator McCain's legacy with a new Audible book that will discuss conservative politics. She will write and perform the book.

"There is nothing more important, and the McCain legacy lights the way. As an heir of that legacy, I have the responsibility to speak out, now more than ever. This book and this collaboration with Audible enables me to do exactly that in a way that is both personal and accessible to as many people as possible," she said in a statement to People magazine earlier this month.

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of John McCain's death. The View co-host Meghan McCain has paid tribute to her father in a heartfelt social media message.

Meghan then let her followers know she is taking a social media break. She needs time to continue to mourn because time does not heal all wounds.


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