Meghan Markle Says She's 'So Glad' To Be Back Home In The U.S. ‘For So Many Reasons’ - Shading Her Time In The U.K.?

Meghan Markle Says She's 'So Glad' To Be Back Home In The U.S. ‘For So Many Reasons’ - Shading Her Time In The U.K.?
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Meghan Markle stressed just how happy she was to be in the United States once again after she left behind her royal title and people could not help but think she was dissing the U.K.! As fans know, the former Suits actress, her husband, Prince Harry and their son, Archie Harrison have moved to California after deciding to give up their royal status and responsibilities in favor of a simpler and more normal life.

In other words, Meghan Markle has absolutely no regrets about that.

In fact, she insisted that she has multiple reasons why she is glad to be back in her home country.

Gloria Steinhem had a sit-down interview with Meghan for the MAKERS Women series and that is where the fans were able to hear Markle talk about her thoughts on returning to America and more!

It all started with Gloria welcoming her back: ‘So glad that you’re home.’

That is when Meghan admitted that: ‘Me, too, for so many reasons.’

While the preview released yesterday did no show whether or not she goes on to share what all those reasons are, it looks like fans will find out soon enough when the whole interview gets released.

In the meantime, everyone is free to speculate on what she might have meant, many feeling like Meghan Markle was shading the U.K. even though she was most likely referring to the hard time she had there because of tabloids harassing and criticizing her continuously.

Either way, one spokesperson for Meghan previously updated fans on her and Harry's new lives in America, saying that: ‘The Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved into their family home in July of this year. They've settled into the quiet privacy of their community since their arrival and hope this will be respected for their neighbors, as well as for them as a family.’


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