Megan Fox Compares Criticism In Her Career As A 'Self-Imposed Prison'

Megan Fox Compares Criticism In Her Career As A 'Self-Imposed Prison'
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Megan Fox has been an icon in Hollywood for nearly two decades now but it definitely hasn’t been easy at all! The actress opened up about all the unfair treatment she’s received throughout the years, confessing that her career has felt like ’self-imposed prison!’

During a new interview for Refinery29 Megan Fox recalled watching one of her movies on TV not too long ago, one that she’d gotten a lot of criticism for.

That being said, watching it again, she got really upset since she realized the criticism was not even warranted.

While the star did not mention what project she was talking about, she explained her feelings on the response to it, saying that ‘I started getting really angry. 'F**k that, why did I live for a full decade thinking I was s**t at something when I was pretty decent at it actually? That led to this realization that I had been in a self-imposed prison for so much of my life.’

Megan Fox did acknowledge that suffering because of all that toxicity directed at her has made her more of a good and more resilient person, but she mentioned regret over her reaction to it in the past.

‘Why did I let myself get sh*t on for something I knew was not true? When you tell someone that they are not good at something or that they are deficient, they can absorb it and it can become their own reality, and create a life which reflects that negative s**t you spoke about them! We have to be careful with our words—they are powerful. That is something I wish most people would understand,’ the actress told the site.

Fox argued that in today’s culture, there seems to be a game over who’s the most hateful for attention.

But she argued that it’s ‘not funny’ stressing that haters attack real human beings who can get hurt and can be affected, perhaps permanently, by the negativity around them.

‘Especially the sensitive ones! I will call myself one of them. We are the ones who are influenced by your negativity because we are so open. I am not closed off. Those things affect me really deeply,’ Megan confessed.

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