Machine Gun Kelly Discusses Late-Night Snacking With 'Healthy' Megan Fox - Here's Their Go-To!

Machine Gun Kelly Discusses Late-Night Snacking With 'Healthy' Megan Fox - Here's Their Go-To!
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Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox seem to be living the perfect, domestic love story amid this quarantine! At least this is how he made it seem when opening up about their life together, revealing, among other things, the type of late night snacks the famous actress enjoys.

Ever since they first made their relationship public, the couple has been inseparable so while they haven’t been together for a long time, it makes sense that they already know a lot about each other, including what snacks they like to eat in the middle of the night!

During an interview for 104.3 The Shark, Machine Gun Kelly was asked about their orders when they find themselves hungry at midnight.

He responded that Megan ‘is probably ordering sushi. She eats super healthy. Everything's gluten free and organic on the menu.’

The star went on to also share his own go-to late-night order, saying that: ‘My menu’s like, Shake Shack, cheeseburger.’

MGK did mention that while he is well aware that’s not the best option, he’s been getting inspired by Megan Fox to also start eating healthier.

‘It would be cooler if there was a soup place that was open all night. I'd just order soup all night…isn’t soup fire?! It goes super hard. I wasn't into the soup game for some years but now I totally get it. It is almost like adult cereal.’

In the meantime, earlier this month, Megan finally posted a pic of her and her new boyfriend on social media.

That being said, alongside a black and white mirror selfie featuring the two of them, she romantically wrote: ‘Achingly Beautiful Boy… My heart is yours.’

How beautiful is that! Obviously, she expected some trolling about her recent divorce in the comments so the actress was quick to turn the section off on that post.

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