Meek Mill Permitted Another Court Hearing With A Different Judge

Meek Mill Permitted Another Court Hearing With A Different Judge
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According to a report from, Meek Mill's judicial squabbles are starting to turn in his favor, following the reports that he was recently granted a brand new trial with a new judge. NBC's Philadelphia division was the first outlet to report that the Dreams and Nightmares rapper was given a new court hearing.

When Meek was first arrested on drug and gun charges in 2008, his legal troubles only continued. Reportedly, Judge Genece Brinkley had some kind of personal animosity or interest in Meek Mill, thus, she overstepped professional and personal boundaries.

Apparently, the judge would punish him using bizarre tactics, including making him remake a Boyz II Men song and use her name in the melody. Moreover, Billboard says the Justice asked Meek to leave Roc Nation and instead, sign with one of her friend's labels.

Previously, Mill's team of lawyers requested the Philadelphia Common Pleas to recuse Judge Genece Brinkley. A prosecutor came to the conclusion that there would be a new hearing with a different judge due to the unfairness of the original court proceedings.

As it was previously reported, Meek Mill was sent to prison for violating probation when he was stopped by police officers for riding a motorcycle while filming a music video. Later on, reports surfaced claiming there was malpractice on the judge's part.

This comes after Meek Mill was denied entry at the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Hotel for a supposed physical altercation on their property. Meek and his lawyer said they would consider suing the hotel if they didn't apologize and let him on the property.

Approximately one week later, a spokesperson on behalf of the hotel in Vegas said they made a mistake, and they took full responsibility for the situation. The Cosmopolitan Hotel claims they had wrong information, as Meek was never involved in a violent altercation at their location.

TMZ was the first to report that a source close to the hotel claimed there was a history of violence on Meek Mill's part. This was shortly after Mill and his attorney said they would consider legal action. The possibility of legal action has since subsided.

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  • Tiffani Young
    Tiffani Young Aug 13, 2019 4:25 PM PDT

    I think Meek Mill is so cute. I really like the video All Eyes On You ft. Nicki Minaj. Good Luck with the trial Meek.

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