Meek Mill Is Praised For Attempting To Help Juelz Santana Get An Early Release From Jail

Meek Mill Is Praised For Attempting To Help Juelz Santana Get An Early Release From Jail

It's been revealed that there are some reports that are crediting Meek Mill for Juelz Santana's release . But, on the other hand, it seems that the rapper from Harlem was able to come home due to the fact that his prison sentence has been completed.

The Shade Room notes that Meek Mill did offer assistance, and his efforts are highly appreciated, says a source who is related to the issue.

'Juelz was released after serving his sentence and was due to go to the halfway house. But due to the COVID-19 outbreak, they released him to his home on an ankle monitor,' the source said as cited by TSR.

It seems that Meek Mill tried to assist in getting Juelz out a little earlier because of the pandemic but he was not able to do anything.

'Meek Mill did however, reach out, when the COVID-19 outbreak first happened back in March, to try to get Juelz home sooner since there was a clause to do so because of Covid' the source told TSR.

The insider added, 'Meek Mill connected Juelz’s people with his reform lawyer to try to get Juelz released which wasn’t a success because he was due to get released anyway.'

Regarding the near future, TSR said that Julez hoped to link with the rapper from Philly and get started with prison reform.

A follower said: 'Y’all be quick to hate on meek. Yet he doing more than y’all’s favorite rappers,' and a commenter posted this: 'They don’t call him Meek Luther Mandela for nothing.'

One other follower posted this: 'Good to see he is doing something better, rather than throwing shades at Nicki!' and someone else said: 'I see Meek is going to all the blogs to make sure we all praise him lol 😂 man please.'


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