Meek Mill Reportedly Played A Crucial Role In Release Of Juelz Santana From Prison

Meek Mill Reportedly Played A Crucial Role In Release Of Juelz Santana From Prison
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Fans know that Meek Mill , the rapper, has been all about prison reform for the last few years. Even though some might think he's a hypocrite for working with individuals who have worked in the prison system in the past, he has clearly managed to do some good in the world.

For instance, this past week, the Dipset rapper, Juelz Santana , was let out of prison following nineteen months on drug charges. Fans of Santana have been waiting to hear good news about him ever since he was sent to prison.

Over the last week, Santana has taken to his social media account on a number of occasions to share photos of himself with his wife. He is clearly happy to be at home with his family. TMZ claims Meek Mill may have played an important role in his release.

According to reports, Meek spoke with Santana's wife and claimed he had a lawyer who could help get him out. Apparently, Meek's actions to help Santana led him to start delivering his own version of aid to others who may have been unfairly incarcerated.

During a conversation with TMZ, Santana said he hopes to start working with nonprofit organizations in an effort to overturn sentences that were unfairly handed out. As most know, prison reform has become an important topic over the last few years.

Stars such as Kim Kardashian feel passionate about it as well. She was in the headlines for helping a number of people get out of prison, including Alice Marie Johnson.

Kim worked with Brittany K. Barnett 's criminal justice group in an effort to release wrongfully imprisoned people out of jail. Alice Marie Johnson was just one of them.

Additionally, Kim has spoken with the president of the United States, Donald Trump, as part of her work on prison reform, even though she was criticized for doing so. As it was noted above, Meek Mill has been called out for his work as well.

For instance, 50 Cent is just one rapper who asked how someone who is working in prison reform managed to partner with people who used to work in the very same system. However, people on social media have explained that it actually makes a lot of sense, because one has to understand the system in order to make changes to it.

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