Manny MUA Posts Video About Being Cancelled After He Loses Followers For One Year Straight

Manny MUA Posts Video About Being Cancelled After He Loses Followers For One Year Straight
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Manny MUA is over cancel culture. Almost a year to the date that the Youtube makeup artist was cancelled, he uploaded a video discussing everything from the incident to how he thinks social media is detrimental.

Manny MUA, Laura Lee, and Jeffree Starr were known as the Holy Trinity of Youtube beauty bloggers until Manny and Laura were accused of turning on Starr to join forces with Gabriel Zamora. The fallout lead to all of the Youtubers mentioned above being dragged into a war where their racist pasts were exposed along with the fan base being forced to choose sides.

Ultimately, Jeffree as come out on tops while the other three struggle to keep their career alive.

Manny recently uploaded a video that was titled with: 'Hey guys! I hope you all watch todays video with an open mind and an open heart! thank you all for being the BEST followers anyone could ever ask for, you are truly incredible and thank you for allowing me to grow and learn and be the best person I can be for not only you but for myself and for my family! I love you guys!'

He admitted that he needed to be humbled and the incident did just that. MUA revealed that he is still losing followers every day although it's been a year since the drama happened.

He echoed a statement made by multiple celebrities lately that cancel culture should be canceled because it does not allow for growth in the 35 minute clip.

This comes just after he was accused of stealing content style from a smaller channel.

Some of the fan comments forgave Manny for his misdeeds and noted that he seems completely different than he did before. Others took the time to call him out for deflecting from the drama that's going on right now and deemed him 'still cancelled.'

What do you think about Manny's sentiments?

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