Man Tries To Break Into Home Of David Schwimmer By Throwing Rock Through His Window

Man Tries To Break Into Home Of David Schwimmer By Throwing Rock Through His Window
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According to a report from Page Six, a man was apprehended trying to break into David Schwimmer's house in Manhattan with a brick on Sunday morning. A high-ranking police officer who spoke with reporters from The Post explained to them that Eric Rosa was detained by the police and taken into the station.

The source who spoke with the outlet claimed Mr. Rosa was trying to break into the actor's home on E. Sixth Street in the East Village around 12:30 am in the morning. As most know, this wouldn't be the first time a celebrity was targeted by a home invader.

This year, Wayne Newton was in a Las Vegas courtroom to testify against a man who tried to break into his house not once but twice last year. The 22-year-old, Weslie Martin, faced off against 11 felony charges including grand larceny, home invasion, as well as burglary.

Back in July 2018, the young man was taken into custody by the police after they found stolen watches and jewelry sold at a Nevada Coin and Jewelry store. The prosecutor, Jory Scarborough, explained that when they searched through the man's home, they found more of Newton's property.

On the 3rd of June, 2018, a housekeeper arrived at the house to discover someone had broken into the home while the Newtons were out of town. When she walked outside of the house, she noticed one of the doors was shattered, which was leading into one of the bedrooms.

During his testimony, Newton explained that his 17-year-old daughter was so disturbed by the burglary that she wanted to sleep in her parents' room. Photographs showed an air mattress was added to the master bedroom.

Regarding the incident, on the 13th of June, 2018, the Newtons arrived at the house to discover two men inside their house. The men quickly ran off. Furthermore, two of the family's dogs named Ginger and Diva were injured in the home invasions, with one of them getting some of its teeth knocked out.

Newton claims he fired a handgun and the men left. Reportedly, several items were stolen from his house, including watches and jewelry, military medals, as well as two pens he received from casinos where he had previously performed.

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