David Schwimmer Claims He Tried For Years To Introduce Women Of Color Onto Friends

David Schwimmer Claims He Tried For Years To Introduce Women Of Color Onto Friends
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David Schwimmer, in a new interview, claimed that he tried hard for years to have women of color introduced on the set of the legendary television show, Friends.

Page Six claims the actor sat down with The Guardian recently to state that he was always aware of the "lack of diversity" and he worked hard for years to have producers change it. Furthermore, David claims he tried - and sometimes succeeded - to have his character date women of color, specifically.

The 53-year-old, during a chat with the aforementioned publication, claimed one of the first girlfriends he had on the show was an Asian-American woman, and he later dated a black woman. As most know, Lauren Tom portrayed Ross's girlfriend, Julie, during the second season.

Aisha Tyler portrayed his and Matt Le Blanc's love interest during the ninth season. Additionally, Gabrielle Union was featured in an episode as well, and she dated both Ross and Joey, portrayed by David Schwimmer and Matt Le Blanc, respectively.

According to Schwimmer, that was an intentional thing he put into action. With that said, Friends has come under fire by some on social media and the mainstream media for jokes at the expense of marginalized groups.

Schwimmer addressed past allegations and criticisms of the show, including the regular comedy at the expense of Chandler's father, a transgender woman, in addition to other sexist or homophobic jokes.

Mr. Schwimmer, regarding other criticisms, claimed he didn't care much about it, because the show did a great job of addressing contemporary issues, including gay marriage, relationships, casual sex, and protected sex as well.

According to the actor, one of the greatest issues in the culture today is that facts and insights are often taken out of context. Schwimmer said it was important to look at the show from the era it was in at the time, rather than judge it by the morals and norms of the modern era.

He felt as though his "barometer was pretty good at that time." Fans of David Schwimmer know him primarily as Ross, from the 1990s sit-com, Friends.

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