Man Arrested In Safaree Samuels Robbery Last Year Will Plead Guilty To Robbery

Man Arrested In Safaree Samuels Robbery Last Year Will Plead Guilty To Robbery
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According to a report from, a man who was convicted for robbing Safaree Samuels at gunpoint last year and stole a significant amount of his money has decided not to bother pleading not guilty, and is instead, hoping to strike a plea deal.

If convicted for his crimes, Carl Harry, one of the men involved in the dispute would receive a sentence of 20 years behind bars. Reported first by TMZ, the outlet claims that the man will likely receive a sentence of around 364 days behind bars as well as five years of probation.

Harry was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit theft. The other six charges in the case will be dropped by prosecutors because of the plea deal. Harry will stand for sentencing in January of next year. The other men involved in the robbery, including Tacuma Ashman and Shawn Harewood, will stand trial in December.

In April 2018, the three aforementioned men allegedly held the rapper at gunpoint and stole around $180,000 in cash and jewelry from him. Authorities claimed to TMZ that the men involved followed him for a long time but then waited for him in a parking garage where the robbery subsequently occurred.

Being a visible celebrity, despite what some people in the public may think, often comes with intended consequences, a lesson that Safaree Samuels surely learned from this altercation. However, this wouldn't be the first time such a thing has happened to a star.

Earlier this week, it was reported by Page Six that Mr. David Schwimmer, one of the leading characters of the iconic television show, Friends, fell prey to an attempted home invasion earlier this week. A man tried to break into his apartment by tossing a brick through the window.

Another celebrity to face a similar event was Wayne Newton, the legendary singer who spent a good portion of his final years entertaining in Las Vegas.

Wayne stood before a judge and jury and testified regarding the man who robbed his house once, and then tried again and failed. Mr. Newton explained that his 17-year-old daughter was so terrified that she began sleeping in their bedroom on an air mattress.

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