Kanye West's Jesus Is King Hits IMAX Theater With $1.03 Million

Kanye West's Jesus Is King Hits IMAX Theater With $1.03 Million
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According to a report from Variety.com, Kanye West released his Jesus is King movie this past weekend, which went on to earn $1,300,000 all over the world following the release of his album of the same name. Working in collaboration with Imax, Jesus Is King shows viewers an experience of his art gospel ritual in James Turrell and Roden Crater's art exhibit in Arizona.

Debuting in 21 locations globally, including Melbourne, Copenhagen, London, LA, and Chicago, the movie was shown in limited theaters in IMAX's routine viewings. Featuring 13 songs, the event shows off gospel standards as well as some of Kanye's biggest songs performed by a choir.

Jesus Is King earned $862,000 from 372 Imax theaters in North America, including another $175,000 from 68 theaters in other countries. Reportedly, the movie will be screened in other parts of the world on the 8th of November.

The president of Imax Entertainment, Megan Colligan, explained that Kanye's new short-film is venturing into unfamiliar territory in terms of experiences in movie theaters. The president explained that IMAX saw an opportunity to work with a true visionary to expand the brand.

Reportedly, Nick Knight, the photographer, was the one to direct the film and as it was noted above, it came alongside Kanye's new record. Andrew Barker from Variety stated the record itself wasn't "very good," however, whether or not someone likes it or not depends on their "relationship" to the rapper.

In other words, it might be for die-hard fans of the rapper only, and less so for the average consumer. As fans of the Ye rapper know, he has dominated the headlines regularly for the last year, especially last summer when he made controversial statements on a number of platforms, including Twitter, SNL, and TMZ Live.

Moreover, during his time on TMZ Live, the rapper perhaps made his most controversial statement yet when he referred to slavery as a "choice."

West stated that it's not uncommon for people to say there have been "300 years of slavery," to which the rapper stated it sounded a lot like a "choice." Explained in another way, the rapper appeared to insinuate that the problems of modern African-American communities were more related to mindset than circumstances.

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