Man Files Lawsuit Against Jake Paul After His Security Made A "Racist" Citizen's Arrest

Man Files Lawsuit Against Jake Paul After His Security Made A "Racist" Citizen's Arrest
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Jake Paul is facing yet another lawsuit reports the celebrity outlet, TMZ. According to the publication, Jake's personal security apparently made a "citizen's arrest" that was interpreted as racist. The suit alleges that Jake Paul's security guard roughed someone up because of the way the victim looked.

Back in February 2018, Paul's neighbor claims he rang the doorbell to Jake's home and then drove his car into the gate that was opened for him. The neighbor said he wanted to talk with Jake about the way he has been driving cars too fast in and out of the community, putting people who live there at risk.

According to the documents, Jake's friends verbally attacked the man when he got out of the car. When he was there, a man started "verbally attacking him" when he got out of his vehicle and then accused him of trespassing on private property.

The suit claims that the guard, "grabbed him, twisted his arm behind his back, and threw him against his car to hold him." Moreover, the police were then called and they tried to convince the authorities that he was trespassing on their property.

The documents went on to say that the police didn't have any evidence so they ended up just letting them all go. Moreover, he claims the entire ordeal was motivated by race as well as his religion and country of origin.

As a consequence of the interaction, the man is suing Jake for false imprisonment as well as intentional infliction of emotional distress. Of course, he wants to get damages. Like it was noted above, this isn't the first time that Jake has been sued.

In the past, a friend of his claimed that Jake used his identity and flawless credit score to rent an apartment. Jake and his crew supposedly thrashed it afterward and the result of which caused the supposed victim considerable harm to both his credit and personal reputation.

The Paul's are no stranger to controversy. Jake's brother, Logan, was criticized heavily in the media for filming a dead person's body in the Suicide Forest in Japan.

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