Malia Obama Is Spotted Together With Rory Farquharson And His Family -- Barack And Michelle's Daughter Seems To Have Found The One

Malia Obama Is Spotted Together With Rory Farquharson And His Family -- Barack And Michelle's Daughter Seems To Have Found The One
Credit: USA Today

Malia Obama seems to be doing quite well away from the massive spotlight that was constantly shining on her while her father, Barack Obama, was president of the United States.

The young woman has reportedly been dating out with Rory Farquharson for quite a while now, and the two apparently have a very stable relationship.

It is not that common for them to be spotted out together, as Malia has kept a relatively low profile for herself through her entire life, ever since her parents -- Barack and Michelle -- left the White House.

However, fans do catch the occasional glimpse of her life, and she seems to be doing quite well so far.

Malia was recently seen together with her longtime boyfriend having a meal together, and they seemed to be in a very good mood.

Sources apparently close to the Harvard University student have claimed that she was very relaxed and her life has been going in the right direction.

Sources, who were also present, told The Daily Mail , the couple was seen in a California hotel with Farquharson's family and added: "Malia seemed really calm and relaxed. A couple of people went over and said hello and she was nice. She seemed shy."

The person added: "She was normal, just wearing jeans and a Hawaiian shirt. I thought: 'Wow, this is the President's daughter, shouldn't there be security all around?' But there wasn't. In fact, she walked in by herself."

The eyewitness claimed: "I think the other man must have been his brother because he looked just like him. Malia hugged him and the older man who I assumed was Rory's father. I don't know who the woman was. Malia was introduced to her so I don't think they had met before."

It does not look like she is trying to draw too much attention to herself either, as she has been keeping up a relatively low-key appearance, with traditional outfits that help her blend into the crowd.

However, many have still pointed out that the former first daughter knows a thing or two about style, as she has managed to maintain a very tasteful overall look for herself.

Her care for her appearance has drawn lots of positive comments towards her over the years, even if it does not seem like she is too fond of hearing them in the first place.

Many of her followers seem to agree with her idea of maintaining a lower profile, however.

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