Lisaraye Turned Down Housewives Role Because She Has A Legitimate Career: 'I'm Not A Fan Of Reality TV'

Lisaraye Turned Down Housewives Role Because She Has A Legitimate Career: 'I'm Not A Fan Of Reality TV'
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LisaRaye has been making headlines lately for her appearances on Claudia Jordan's Fox Soul show. Although fans have suggested that she join the Real Housewives of Atlanta, the actress has been asked -- and turned it down.

The actress has multiple reasons as to why she wouldn't want to appear on a reality show such as Real Housewives. For one, she's still a working actress.

Additionally, she doesn't like what goes down between the ladies during filming.

The 52-year-old explained on the YBF Podcast: 'I politely gave them the ‘No thank you.' I actually have a legitimate career. I’m really not a fan of reality TV right now. It’s so much buffoonery and so much negativity that I’m shocked at the sh*t that they show.'

It seems that the veteran actress is too real for reality.

Between the fighting, gossiping, and backstabbing that goes on in all of the Bravo franchises, LisaRaye wouldn't be able to fake the funk.

'I’m just like –  that’s how you would treat your friend? I can’t be in a scene like that because then it would turn real for me and then it would be no more scenes because I would tear that mutha up and I’d be sued. I’m too old for certain sh*t and I refuse to showcase that kind of stuff on TV being a grown, respectable woman.'

LisaRaye and Vivica Fox, another iconic black woman whose fans suggested join RHOA, do have a project coming up.

This also comes after Nene Leakes addressed why Fox and the others were speaking about her on the show . Vivica went as far as to suggest that Nene may be on drugs.

'Listen, these people have fallen from grace, okay? Who better to talk about than the person that everyone is talking about? There are people who are on these shows who were movie stars, they’ve fallen from grace and now they’re on the internet,' the RHOA star told Charlamagne tha God.

What do you think about LisaRaye's comments?

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