Lisa Vanderpump Explains Why She Gave James Kennedy His Job Back - Defends Him From Kristen Doute

Lisa Vanderpump Explains Why She Gave James Kennedy His Job Back - Defends Him From Kristen Doute
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After firing James Kennedy for drinking on the job as well as fat-shaming women, Lisa Vanderpump decided to rehire the man! Here’s why!

On the February 18 episode of Vanderpump Rules, Kristen Doute was shown freaking out when she learned that Lisa had brought her ex, James, back!

Now, Lisa explained why she allowed Kennedy to keep working for her despite fat-shaming Katie Maloney-Schwartz.

At a media preview event of her new restaurant Vanderpump Cocktail Garden set to open in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace on March 30, Lisa chatted with HollywoodLife.

That is when she dished that ‘I’m very involved in these people’s lives, and it’s very important to me, and to Evolution Media, and to Bravo, that we show the whole story. Now if I just showed [James] being a drunken little a**hole, that’s not the whole story.’

‘And when you see him supporting his brother through college, and you see his mother how she’s failed. You see her, how she’s sitting out here when I’m on the building site, saying, ‘You’re his mother figure.’ I’m like, ‘No, you are.’ And so I’m not going to drop the ball on people just because they f**k up. He’s got a lot to offer. Has he got it wrong many times? Yes.’

Despite all the drama he gets into and all the bad things he has allegedly done, somehow, he’s made his way into Lisa’s heart, reason for which he keeps coming back.

The man is known for supposedly cheating on pageant queen, Raquel Leviss with multiple women throughout their relationship, but Lisa always gives him another chance.

Do you think James Kennedy should have never returned to Vanderpump Rules or do you agree with Lisa?


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    JORDAN Feb 25, 2019 11:18 PM PST

    So what exactly did Kristen Doute do to Lisa that she has never hired her back. Jac, and James have done terrible things but she keeps hiring them back! What is it?

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