Tiny Harris Helped Raise An Amazing Young Woman As T.I.'s Daughter Deyjah Pays Homage To Late Aunt

Tiny Harris Helped Raise An Amazing Young Woman As T.I.'s Daughter Deyjah Pays Homage To Late Aunt
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Miss Deyjah Harris has taken to social media to pour out her heart and thank her late aunt, Precious Harris, who died last week after a car crash.

Deyjah, the 17-year-old stepdaughter of Tiny Harris, posted a photo collage where Precious could be seen holding her as a baby and spending quality time with several family members.

In the caption the bright daughter of rapper T.I. confessed that she has learned a lot from her aunt and said she misses her dearly.

Deyjah penned an emotional post that read: "Auntie precious 😔 oh how I wish I could just call you and hear your voice. I wish I could hear you say “deydiiiiii” one more time💔. There’s just so much I want to say. I’m so hurt .. but I know you wouldn’t wanna see me this way😔. I’ll never forget all of the great moments we shared together. I’ll never forget all of the knowledge and wisdom you blessed me with. Auntie precious, I love you SO MUCH!!!! I WISH I WOULD’VE TOLD YOU MORE OFTEN! I LOVE YOU FOREVER. Please watch over @kamayadaplug, @_ohhthtskairi, and major and make sure they take care of themselves, please. I love you soooooooo much. You will forever be celebrated💙. I love you, my angel😔."

One fan reacted to the heartbroken post by saying: "God bless you baby girl I know you're hurting, but she is watching over everybody now God loves you so much and so do I I don't know you don't need to is AJ just loves everybody God bless you in all your Endeavor sweet pea 😍😍👍👍🙏🙏because that's what she'd want, and I'm sure of that because she looks like a woman of peace love and God and all the goodness we needed on this Earth👏👏👏👍👍👍 love and respect always much Mrs. Aj retired nurse ."

Another commenter claimed:"Honestly I’ve just been a fan of TI since 5th grade, and when they put the family on, it made me even more of a fan of the Harris family. I honestly didn’t look it up..they were so real I can only imagine how this loss hurt."

This supporter told Deyjah: "Omg this broke my heart she was so happy even while talking about her eyes and just so bright 🤧. I'm so sorry for your loss 🙏 we seen how close you guys were and I'm sure that was a bond that can't be replaced."

Deyjah has a lot of T.I. in her.

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