Lil Scrappy Is Probably Smiling -- His Wife, Bambi Benson, Shows Off Her Real Hair In New Video

Lil Scrappy Is Probably Smiling -- His Wife, Bambi Benson, Shows Off Her Real Hair In New Video
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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Bambi Benson has decided to show the world her real hair, and it is glorious.

Lil Scrappy's wife took to social media where she explained that after giving birth to her adorable baby boy she decided it was time to take care of her hair.

The new mother also revealed the secret: "I’ve been the absolute worst when it comes to hair care. I’m not patient; I cut chunks of my hair out when I’m removing braids with tangled thread and glue, I don’t consistently moisturize, I’ve just been horrible. I think I’m so reckless because all I have to do is concoct a special blend of oils and my hair instantly grows back after all of the trauma. I’m always making special blends for my family and friends, but now I’m offering it to anyone who wants to try it. Posting this is going to force me to take better care of my hair 😩 a few of my friends and family tested the product for 3 months consistently and got nice results. We will be updating you soon @shimmerdrops

One fan told Bambi: "Agree I try it the first time and I like it the second time I did it which I was going into my second week wash it to dry my hair, and when I would comb it, it sheds dry hair, so I just stop using it protein does not do good in my hair."

Another commenter stated: "It made my hair thin in some spots from the shedding, so I am starting over again with bringing back my hair I am using Mielle Rosemary mint collection it stops my shedding and it feels strong again I also used the oil strength and it works I have lots of new growth."

This supporter asserted: "Thank you soooo much! I took a break from using and started again last week. My hair started shedding again! I think that perhaps it’s too drying for my hair. It’s unfortunate for us, but I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one not achieving miraculous results. 😤😩"

Bambi looks fantastic.

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