Lil Kim Tries To Dominate The Fashion Game With Viral Videos -- Critics Say She Had Too Many Plastic Surgeries

Lil Kim Tries To Dominate The Fashion Game With Viral Videos -- Critics Say She Had Too Many Plastic Surgeries
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Queen Bee in the house. Lil Kim was the queen of the night as she sashayed in a gold jumpsuit, sky-high heels on the catwalk for The Blonds Fashion Show that took place on Tuesday night in New York City.

Lil Kim was not alone; socialite Paris Hilton also showed what she was working on the runway.

The famous petite femcee from New York has a solid fan base who is happy to see her continue making boss moves in the fashion world after being a trailblazer in the music industry.

However, critics are often frustrated because Lil Kim has had too many surgeries.

One person had this to share: "This is so wrong in every level, all these famous women talk about embracing and empowering women, and they talk about loving and accepting yourself just the way you are yet all them have soo much work done in their face and bodies, they have become soooo egocentric and just disconnected with reality wearing thousands and thousands worth of clothes, shoes, accessories having top makeup artists, hair stylists, trainers, chefs, maids, and let’s talk about becoming moms labeling themselves “moms “having nannies around clock that ain’t a mom ! And then after all the crap they’ve done to their faces (fillers, surgeries, facials ), bodies, all the makeup and hai Real women who wanna be them please to all of yar. don’t fall for that, love yourself for who you are and with what you have been conscious about your reality."

Another commenter said that Lil Kim was stunning before she went under the knife to change her look and added: "She looked so beautiful before. I wish lil Kim knew how beautiful she was before all this, forget everyone who dragged her into changing her physical appearance. Kim was always jealous of Nicki because Nicki dad is not fully black and has Asian heritage. Therefore, Nicki is light skin (though not as much as Rihanna and Cardi). But before Nicki Kim was jealous of the white women, she collaborated with because in her mind the lighter, the prettier. Now she looks like different. A mix between every nationality, meanwhile she is so proud that her daughter is Hispanic and once said she feels Hispanic because she been around a lot of them and has had a lot of Hispanic boyfriends. Her daughter looks nothing like her and that just plain sad!"

Lil Kim is reminding the world that she is still a queen in the game.

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