Phaedra Parks Gives Them Something To Talk About In Stunning Valentine's Day Dress Photo -- Will Tone Kapone Resist?

Phaedra Parks Gives Them Something To Talk About In Stunning Valentine's Day Dress Photo -- Will Tone Kapone Resist?
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Attorney Phaedra Parks has decided to show the world what she is working with and "give them something to talk about" on Valentine’s Day in a tight black leather dress.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum, who is dating Tone Kapone, shared a picture where she is in a spectacular outfit and high heel shoes.

Via the caption, Phaedra explained that she was home waiting for her new beau. The mother of two confessed: "Waiting at the door for you like....."

One fan, who loves the sassy look, said: "Let’s give them something to talk about. Stunning in every way! Serve it up Ms. Southern Bell! I always mean to kill it. Total package. Ok, Phaedra girl we see you! Live your best life girl! Many degrees and jobs as you say lol😂Boom, Nothing else needs to be said!!"

Another commenter stated: "Yes ma'am yes ma'am with they looking body. Good morning Queen and happy Valentine’s Day. When you're not sure if you want to go buttttt your shos are way to freaking fabulous to stay at home 😍Show them how's it's done, Phaedra."

This supporter claimed: "Dam you look incredible, amazing, outstanding, so beautiful so pretty and very classy; I love me some you. Show u Right,, Own it wear Your Crown Jehovah gave it 2 U...I c you wear Yours, You go Phaedra parks , don't let them stop your Shine n Jehovah's name Amen Amen Amen Peace n LOVE, they have eye's 2 c,,,, lol. I tell my girls to smile, speak, wave. Because no one's mad but the devil, Look Away , it all works,,, lol Jehovah At Work,,, Excellent."

Phaedra recently explained that she is eager to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Tone but is not in a rush to get married again.

She said: “Oh, of course, it is. I wouldn’t have went public if it wasn’t. I’m not rushing into that you know, but I’m very fond of him, and we adore each other … [He’s] a great guy. He’s super supportive. He’s everything I’ve prayed for and more.”

She went on to explain how they will spend their first Valentine's Day: “We are spending it in North Carolina. We’re having a romantic dinner, and he’s going to give me lots of expensive gifts.”

Earlier this year, Tone confirmed that he and the lawyer were an item in a post that said: "Yes, me and Phaedra are dating. … That’s the big moment everybody was waiting for. Yeah, it was kinda self-explanatory on her page. I just didn’t wanna repost it because it seemed like it would have been, like, super weird. Like, ‘Look at me.’ If you know anybody that knows me, I’m not that kinda guy.”

Phaedra is still grabbing headlines after the RHOA drama.

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