Liam Hemsworth Heads Out To Surf With His Brother Amid Miley Breakup - Sources Say He's Taking Time To Relax

Liam Hemsworth Heads Out To Surf With His Brother Amid Miley Breakup - Sources Say He's Taking Time To Relax
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According to a report from Entertainment Tonight, Liam Hemsworth is still reeling from his recent separation from Miley Cyrus, his estranged wife. Miley's spokesperson confirmed to the outlet on Saturday that the couple had separated after less than a year of marriage, and after a decade of intermittent dating.

This comes shortly after Miley was photographed kissing the ex-girlfriend of Brody Jenner, Kaitlynn Carter, while on a trip to Italy. A source who spoke with the outlet stated that it was actually Miley who wanted to take some time off, moreover, they "both knew the breakup was coming."

Miley wanted to go on break because she was feeling unhappy. The star apparently did some digging into her soul and discovered that she no longer wanted to be married to Mr. Hemsworth. Her parents are fully supportive of her decision.

ET also claims Miley was fighting tooth and nail to preserve the relationship, moreover, she wanted to go to therapy to try and work their issues out. "She just wants to be healthy and happy," the source said to Entertainment Tonight.

This past Tuesday, Hemsworth was seen surfing in Bryon Bay, in Australia. Just a day prior, he was pictured eating frozen yogurt with his older brother. Reportedly, Hemsworth isn't taking the breakup very well, as he was reported as not looking like he was in a great mood.

The source said to the outlet that Hemsworth is "heartbroken" by the fact Miley was able to move on from him so quickly and in the public's view as well. The insider stated that Miley is trying to be "free," and live her life the way she wants to.

Cyrus stated she was still "sexually attracted to women" while they were married. Allegedly, Miley wasn't looking to take on marriage in the traditional way, but instead going about it in a complex and non-conventional manner.

Miley reportedly believes that marriage is "old-fashioned." As for why they chose to get married in the first place, reports state that Miley and Liam felt intense emotions and a connection to each other on account of the housefire they endured last November.

They both lost a lot of personal belongings in the fire that burned their house down completely. While it was a negative experience, it ended up being positive because it strengthened their bond and their faith in each other, but apparently, not enough.

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