Dean McDermott Blasts ‘Unclassy’ Reporter Rosanna Scotto After Tori Spelling Was Ambushed With Financial Questions

Dean McDermott Blasts ‘Unclassy’ Reporter Rosanna Scotto After Tori Spelling Was Ambushed With Financial Questions
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Dean McDermott is blasting "unclassy" reporter Rosanna Scotto who ambushed Tori Spelling with financial questions last week.

The BH90210 star was on Good Day New York to promote the new FOX show. Scotto was more curious about Spelling's financial woes than the Beverly Hills 90210 reboot. She kept firing financial questions at the actress, which did not go over well with Spelling or her hubby.

Yesterday on his Daddy's Issues podcast, McDermott blasted Scotto for her line of questioning.

"She was interviewing Tori, and she just started asking all these stupid questions about money. It was the last thing Tori expected too because this is the Fox family. She kept pushing and pushing. She asked, 'Can you pay your bills?" Tori's like yeah, I can pay my bills, thank you very much. Yeah, the show dips into reality, and there's a money thing in there, but to go down the road and keep poking at it, f%$king move on. It was so unclassy," the father of six said to his co-hosts, Adam Hunter and Nicky Paris.

Fans of BH90210 saw in the premiere episode Spelling's character, which is a heightened version of herself, had significant financial troubles. Over the years, McDermott and his wife have been plagued with money woes. Several lawsuits, including American Express, are pending against the famous couple.

"F%&king move on. That was so unclassy. Then she put on some video afterward, 'I was giving Tori a platform so she that she could defend herself.' You know what, excuse me, thank you very much, we don't need your platform," the protective husband said.

It is a touchy subject matter for McDermott, and he made it clear what he thought of Scotto's actions.

"We get that all the time, interviews, what does this have to do with what we're promoting right now? This is salacious and uncalled for. Not cool at all. Maybe she needs a finger in her butt. The whole world would be a better place if everybody had a finger in their butt," the Chopped Canada star finished his rant.

Dean McDermott is furious with Rosanna Scotto for firing financial questions at Tori Spelling instead of talking about BH90210 . He has had it with all the speculation and questions regarding his family's money matters. McDermott is over people sticking their nose into his and Spelling's financial business.


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