Leah McSweeney Speaks On Bipolar 2 Disorder After Ramona Singer Tried To Out Her

Leah McSweeney Speaks On Bipolar 2 Disorder After Ramona Singer Tried To Out Her
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Leah McSweeney's relationship with the Real Housewives of New York stars got off to a rocky start for something as simple as having tattoos. While the other girls have seemingly warmed up to her, it's ending on an even rockier note when it comes to her relationship with Ramona Singer.

After throwing tiki torches and ravioli, going off when her sister got disinvited to a cast trip, and dancing at a party for Ramona and her 50 best friends -- she's quickly become a fan favorite that's entertaining to watch.

Unfortunately, Ramona didn't approve of any of her behavior and in the latest episode attributed to her Bipolar 2 disorder after being sent one of Leah's old blog posts.


Both fans and Ramona's co-stars felt that was a low blow that she should not have spoken on.

Singer took to Twitter to issue an apology that read: 'It was never my intention to shame Leah about her mental health issues. I understand its her story to tell. Takes a lot of courage & strength for her to go public in an article about her struggles, which I admire. I only wish her well & want to help support her in the right way.'

Leah, on the other hand, has decided to open up about the diagnosis that saved her life.

First, the Married to the Mob founder suffered from addiction. It was then when she got diagnosed with mental illness and put on multiple medications.

Years later, she was hospitalized where a doctor put her on one anti-depressant that's worked since then.

While speaking to Forbes in an interview, she explained all the ways she keeps balanced: 'Maybe someone else could be in a toxic relationship and not have it tear them apart, maybe some people don’t need that much sleep and they can feel great during the day, [or] some people don’t have to exercise…but, for me, I need to do all these steps and sometimes it sounds self indulgent, to be honest, a little bit, but, I need to do these things to make myself feel better and stay in a good place mentally, emotionally.'

She also questioned if her life would be the same without Bipolar 2.

'If I didn’t have bipolar II…would I have been as successful or would I be more successful if I didn’t have it….Have I been my own worst enemy or my greatest advocate?'

She went on to admit that Ramona's actions did upset her; however, she would like to contribute to the bigger conversation about depression, anxiety, and stigmas surrounding mental illness.


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