Gizelle Bryant Accuses Her Co-Star Monique Samuels Of Glorifying Violence With New Song

Gizelle Bryant Accuses Her Co-Star Monique Samuels Of Glorifying Violence With New Song
Credit: Source: Bravo

Gizelle Bryant and Monique Samuels haven't gotten along since their very first scene together when Samuels told Bryant that she had four houses. Although they seemingly put their feud to bed in the new episodes, it's very clear that the distaste for one another is still very prevalent.

Monique was a musician before she was a mom, businesswoman, or Housewife. She tapped back into her musical roots recently when she released her song Drag Queens under her stage name Hazel.

The Real Housewives of Potomac star acknowledged the fun shade in the song that stems from her most-quoted moment where she told her co-star that she would drag her. It also comes after they got into a physical altercation that will air later this season.

'It was a lot that happened last season and this is pretty much me just reclaiming my power back and reminding myself of who I am, and although, you know, I’m not perfect never claimed to be. I just needed a way to reassure myself that, you know, everything will be fine. And then this song was kind of my way of just letting everything go, getting everything that I felt off of my chest.'

When Bryant was asked on Watch What Happens Live what she thought about Drag Queens, she responded: 'I was actually very disappointed, because she’s rapping about glorifying violence, and at this point [with] where we are in this country, there’s no room for that. I was very disappointed and embarrassed for her.'

The mother of three caught the shade and responded via Twitter.

' For those who can ACTUALLY READ… check out my lyric video which is an anthem for standing up for yourself. Those who are illiterate will think it’s about promoting violence 💀😂  #RHOP.'

What do you think about this latest drama?


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