Lauren London Eases Nipsey Hussle's Fans' Hearts With This Announcement About The Marathon Store

Lauren London Eases Nipsey Hussle's Fans' Hearts With This Announcement About The Marathon Store
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After the Marathon Clothing store announced its closing, many fans of Nipsey Hussle expressed their distress online, claiming that this was a bad move by the company and wondering what was going on behind the scenes.

However, Lauren London, the life partner of the late rapper, has taken the time to calm down the masses by sharing some details about the situation.

According to London, the store will actually open up again at some point in the future. The company is reportedly also planning to build a tower honoring Hussle, and that is part of the reason behind the store's closing in the first place.

The company reportedly needs some time and space to pull off the construction project, which is why they have decided to handle things behind closed doors for now.

There is still a lot of speculation around the death of Hussle, with some of his fans suggesting that there may be more to the incident than what they hear right now.

However, authorities have continued to insist that the investigation has not uncovered any additional leads.

An arrest was made some months ago in connection with the shooting, but not much has come out since then.

In the meantime, some of the rapper's fans have attempted to organize events in his memory, although some of them have been met with negative responses due to the suggestion that they might interfere with the operation of certain businesses.

In particular, the idea to hold a vigil in the parking lot of the Marathon Clothing store was met with serious controversy.

One fan defended the company for the delay in orders: "For all the mean comments, it's so unnecessary.🤦‍♀️ Please Be patient. Be Considerate. This is not Nike, Puma, or Adidas Company. This is a small business. Do you know how it feels to have ordered only in 100s or 1000s one week and then boom the next week due to a tragedy, unexpectedly you have 2 million-plus orders globally from around the world. You have to mourn your loved one who died in your arms, and that alone is traumatizing enough replaying his last minutes, take care of the family at the same time. Going to court to fight battles eg, custody, estate, trademark, etc. My goodness, give Samiel a break, he's not made of steel, give the whole family a break, please it's been four months. You'll get your order. Sam doesn't sew these shirts in his living room, he depends on a US manufacturer (not China) to fulfill orders, He can't move faster than the manufacturer sews these shirts and due to his preference of quality, it can't be rushed. I'm sure the whole family is supporting and doing the best they can to help fulfill these orders amid heartbreaking grief. No need for heartless comments."

Lauren is still repping her late partner.

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