Lauren Jenai, Of CrossFit Fame, Wants To Marry A Man, Franklin Tyrone Tucker, Imprisoned for Murder

Lauren Jenai, Of CrossFit Fame, Wants To Marry A Man, Franklin Tyrone Tucker, Imprisoned for Murder
Credit: Page Six

Lauren Jenai, perhaps best known for being one of the co-founders of CrossFit, has announced her plans to get married to Franklin Tyrone Tucker.

What is unusual about the case is that Tucker is currently serving a prison sentence for murder, although that does not seem to have fazed Jenai at all.

Jenai was previously married to Greg Glassman, another entrepreneur involved in CrossFit.

After divorcing him, she reignited an old flame with Tucker, who was a classmate of hers from high school.

However, Tucker was subsequently arrested, tried, and convicted, in relation to a case famously known as the “Tree House Murder.”

Tucker continues to insist he is innocent, although the jury was not convinced.

Jenai is serious about the whole ordeal too, as she has even asked her future husband to sign a prenup.

It is not clear if she plans to leverage her massive resources to assist him in his current situation.

Tucker was just denied bail at a hearing two months ago, and some are speculating that Jenai might be in a position to speed up the process and get him freed much faster.

However, the exact details of the couple's relationship have remained largely unknown, despite the heavy speculation surrounding the situation.

Jenai was seemingly aware of the attention the whole ordeal would bring to her and has been prepared to deal with that all along.

It is not known if the same can be said about her future husband, on the other hand.

Jenai explained: "We hadn’t seen each other in 30 years . . . We started having feelings for each other . . . We’re going to get married. We would be allowed to have a wedding in jail . . . [we] would get to be together for the first time in the same room."

She added: "Our relationship is very open and we are a team. I trust him. I love him. My house is his house. A prenup feels a little inappropriate."

The woman who sold her CrossFit shares for $20 million in 2013 during her split from Glassman is no longer allowed to video visitation with her new husband.

She revealed why by saying: "I got a little risqué . . . I was touching my boobs."

What are your thoughts on this relationship? Can they make it work?

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