KUWK: Khloe Kardashian Talks About 'Draining Love' In New Message - About Tristan?

KUWK: Khloe Kardashian Talks About 'Draining Love' In New Message - About Tristan?
Credit: Source: glamour.com

The KUWK star took to her social media of choice to share yet another cryptic message that seems to be talking about her failed relationship with Tristan Thompson. Khloe Kardashian said, this time around, that being with an immature person might cause love to be ‘drained!’

Whether the message was really about Tristan or not, fans certainly think so!

After all, the two ended things after a pretty tumultuous relationship!

‘You'll always find love draining if you date people you have to raise,’ Khloe wrote.

This, as fans know, is just one of the many such quotes the reality TV star likes to share online as if to ambiguously address events in her life or use her personal experience to try and teach people something.

That being said, Khloe has been sharing these message much more often ever since she and her baby daddy put an end to their romance.

One recent message reads: ‘Being in love in this generation's terrifying. Loyalty is really rare, and people are very quick to choose a good time over a good thing.’

Another talks about narcissism and empathy as well: ‘Oh, you are a narcissist? Well, I am going to introduce you to an empath just to humble you so you will know what it is like to value, respect and love someone other than yourself. So you are an empath? Well, I am going to surround you with narcissists so you can toughen up and learn to value yourself more than others.’

They all seem to be pointing towards what was going on behind the scenes between her and Tristan but the KUWK has never confirmed it. That's probably the point though!


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