Lauren Ash Of 'Superstore' Fame Says Battle With PCOS Made Her Contemplate Suicide

Lauren Ash Of 'Superstore' Fame Says Battle With PCOS Made Her Contemplate Suicide
Credit: ET Canada

Lauren Ash has decided to share some words about the life she has lived with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

According to the Superstore actress, the pain caused by the illness was so severe that at some point she was contemplating suicide.

The story she told started in 2015 when she was first informed of the condition.

Afterward, she also found out that she was in a pre-diabetic stage and had various symptoms that pointed towards PCOS.

She told Women's Health: "There were times I would lay in bed, and the feelings of despair were so overwhelming, I would debate how I should end my life just to end the pain."

The 36-year-old actress added: "At the time, I hadn’t even heard of it, much less knew what that meant, but I took her recommendation and went to my ob-gyn … There, my ob-gyn did an internal ultrasound and confirmed the diagnosis. She showed me the monitor, and it seemed my ovaries — each one surrounded by countless cysts that made it look like they were wearing pearl necklaces."

Physicians advised her to get surgery, and she was also prescribed medication for treating the illness.

However, according to Ash, the medication might have been a major contributing factor to her feeling depressed about her life.

Ash also shared some words about the recent craze around the so-called “thin privilege,” and explained her point of view on the situation.

She wrote on Instagram: "Love that people are acting like the concept of ‘thin privilege’ is new and that it doesn’t exist. I think the ‘privilege’ word is what people may be finding problematic. But to suggest that people ‘choose’ to be fat is offensive and simply untrue,” she wrote at the time. “As someone who has been told by multiple doctors regarding my #PCOS and weight loss ‘I’m sorry you’re basically just screwed’ I really get my back up about this."

In the end, she explained that she currently manages her condition with the help of various medications and supplements, and has had to alter her diet to avoid triggering the disease in any unpleasant ways.

She encouraged all women suffering from PCOS, or suspecting that they might be affected by the condition, to do something about it and not leave it untreated.

According to reports, PCOS is not a rare condition either, with about 10% of women suffering from it in certain age groups.

Many have commended Ash for attempting to improve awareness about the disease and to make more people pay attention to their bodies and the symptoms they might be trying to communicate.

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