Lauren Alaina Broke Two Of Her Toes While Self-Isolating

Lauren Alaina Broke Two Of Her Toes While Self-Isolating
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Every celebrity has their own way of cheering people up, and Lauren Alaina is no different. Although, it looks like her attempt to have fun in self-isolation went in the wrong direction.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Lauren recently suffered a serious injury to her foot while she was staying in her home to help fight the coronavirus. On Tuesday, the reality star uploaded a video of herself riding around the kitchen on a scooter, however, it looks like she slammed her toes on the table and busted two of them.

Despite the fact the singer busted two toes, she appeared in good spirits as she rode around her kitchen with "Boot Scootin' Boogie" blasting in the background. Alaina recently had a conversation with Entertainment Tonight via video chat in which she discussed releasing a new album following her EP, Getting Good.

From her home in Nashville, Lauren shared that she had written almost an entire album, and once she's finally let out of her home, she'll get into the studio and begin recording it. At least Lauren can say she's been productive during self-isolation, which other celebrities have been trying to do as well.

As it was noted above, many entertainers and celebrities have introduced different ways of helping out the world in the battle against the coronavirus that first started wreaking havoc on the United States in February and March.

For instance, George and Amal Clooney announced a $1 million donation to various charities and union funds, as did the singer-songwriter, Pink.

However, not everybody's attempt to cheer up the public has been received well. Earlier this year, Gal Gadot and a group of her celebrity friends released a video in which everyone sang different parts to John Lennon's classic anti-war song, "Imagine."

The video was widely hated by social media users, including on YouTube, despite supporters' claims that the actress was just trying to do something good. Fortunately, though, no one was hurt in the making of the video, which is something Lauren can't say.

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