Lala Kent Doubles Down On James Kennedy's Alleged Hook Ups With Logan Noh

Lala Kent Doubles Down On James Kennedy's Alleged Hook Ups With Logan Noh
Credit: Source: Bravo

James Kennedy and Logan Noh's close friendship came to a screeching halt once rumors spread that they hooked up. Lala Kent brought the rumors to light once again during a conversation with Raquel Leviss on Tuesday's episode of Vanderpump Rules.

After James finally makes the decision to get sober and attends his first AA meeting, his girlfriend Raquel and on-again off-again BFF Lala meet to put their feud to rest.

Kent apologizes to Leviss but the two spark another argument at Tom Sandoval's party when she tries to tell Raquel that Logan saw James drinking at a mutual friend's party.

Instead of focusing on the problem that Kennedy may have broken his sobriety, Raquel takes offense to Lala's and Logan's blossoming relationship.

The aspiring actress then brings up that Noh is actually a good friend because he lied for the sake of James and Raquel's relationship by saying that he and James were just friends and he made up the rumors that they were more than that because he was jealous.


The new SURver insists that Logan is lying and Lala shoots back that she has witnessed their inappropriate relationship firsthand.

'I mean, I know that it’s not made up. I’ve been there when deals have been, like, ‘I get a blow job if I win, and you have to do this if I win.'

Raquel walked away angrily.

This isn't the first witness who claimed that James and Logan were more than just friends.

VPR alum Faith Stowers spilled the tea when the rumors first came to light.

Faith told Radar Online that she, James, Logan, and Raquel used to frequent WEHO hotspot The Abbey. She described Kennedy's and Noh's friendship as hot and cold because one minute they'd be arguing and the next they'd be making out.

As to why Raquel would turn a blind eye to her beau's unfaithfulness -- multiple cast members have admitted that they think she's in it for the fame.


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