Lady Gaga Still ‘Shaken Up’ After The Shooting Of Her Dog Walker And The Kidnapping Of Her Two Pups!

Lady Gaga Still ‘Shaken Up’ After The Shooting Of Her Dog Walker And The Kidnapping Of Her Two Pups!
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Even though Lady Gaga and her two French bulldogs have reunited, the singer and actress is still very much 'freaked out' over the whole kidnapping incident! As you may know, the star's dog walker was shockingly shot by someone before they took the pups named Gustav and Koji.

In the meantime, one woman has turned the dogs in at a police station following Gaga's pleas to get them back on social media and her massive $500,000 reward.

But, regardless of the fact that she has them both back now, Lady Gaga is still dealing with the shock and trauma of it all.

One insider shared via HollywoodLife that Lady Gaga was terrified to see her dog walker, Ryan Fischer, get shot in the chest.

'Gaga is absolutely freaked out over what happened to Ryan and her dogs. She treats anyone who works for her like family and Ryan is no exception. Her dogs are like her children and she’s shaken up. She doesn’t feel this was random and that’s scary for her,' the source told the news outlet.

They added that she is now 'taking every precaution to ensure [it] doesn’t happen again. She’s a very quiet, private person so this is a lot for her to deal with right now. She’s just been in a state of shock over this entire thing. It’s been a nightmare for her. The fact that Ryan will be OK and the dogs are back safely with her is a miracle that she didn’t think would happen, so she’s very thankful and grateful, but she’s still scared.'

Ryan was taking care of the pets while the star was out of the country for work purposes.

That being said, while walking them at around 9:40 p.m. a few days ago, two men in a white Nissan Altima pulled up on him, trying to steal the dogs.

As the walker put up a fight, doing his best to try and stop them, one of the attackers pulled out a gun and just shot Ryan in the chest before finally getting the beloved pets.

The scary attack was caught on surveillance cameras.

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